Spindle Drawbar Force Gages

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The Clamprite Gage

The most economical tool for spindle drawbar testing!

No batteries or clumsy extension cords, no delicate electronics to adjust or burn out,
and Clamprite Gages are designed for years of daily use in the shop environment.

Get a Clamprite Gage and find out if your spindles can still Clamprite!

All Gage Kits include a Certificate of Accuracy traceable to NIST

Clamprite offers free periodic inspection for accuracy for as long as you own your gage!

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Tests the drawbar force of any machine.

Force is read directly in pounds - no conversions required.

HSK spindles must maintain much higher clamping force or the tool holders will not seat properly against the spindle face      
The Clamprite Gage ready to test a 40 taper spindle

The Tool Every Machine Shop Needs!

Tests all sizes of CAT, BT, ISO, CAPTO, KV and HSK Spindles.

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